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Lighting Installation in Providence

Ambient Design: Lighting Installation in Providence

When it comes to designing the perfect home or apartment, most people tend to forget about the lighting. They’ll get polished granite countertops, a new paint job, and hardwood custom cabinetry, but then use a cold fluorescent bulb to light the place. We think this is the wrong approach.

At A And I Electric we believe that the lighting in your home makes it what it is. It accentuates certain things and diminishes others. It can even change the color of the decor, for better or worse.

That’s why you need a professional lighting installation contractor for your Providence home. As certified electricians with many years in the field, we know our way around electrical systems. A And I Electric will make sure everything is up to Rhode Island building code. So when you’re trying to decide how to set up the best lighting system for your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, we’ll be able to make electrical modifications that are safe and reliable. That way you can get as creative as you want!

Custom Lighting Solutions

At A And I Electric we can install a wide variety of lighting systems. We have creative lighting solutions for bedrooms, kitchens, basements, home theaters, studios, workshops, living rooms, dining rooms, dens, playrooms, home bars, game rooms, home offices, rec rooms, and more. There are different kinds of lights for each of these. Here are some of the lighting systems we can install:

  • • Retrofit recessed lighting
  • • Track lighting
  • • Wall scones
  • • Hanging lights
  • • Pendant lights
  • • Pot lights
  • • Floor lamps
  • • Fluorescent lights
  • • Picture lights
  • • Ceiling lights
  • • Suspended lights
  • • Dimmable lights
  • • Outdoor lights for patio
  • • Lanterns for garden

Stay Safe and Save Money on House Insurance

Most people end up taking shortcuts with their home electrical system because they want to save a bit of money. They’ll try to install recessed lighting by themselves. Or they’ll have a friend come over to help them install outdoor lighting. Or worse, they’ll hire a discount contractor who will charge them for a job that could end up burning their house to the ground!

As electrical contractors, we see everything. It’s no different when we do lighting installation. You never know what you’ll find behind the walls or in the ceiling. We make sure that every lighting system we install meets current building codes. Unlike what some shady contractors will tell you, building codes are not there to make your life more difficult. They’re there to keep you safe.

By making sure that your lighting system is installed properly, there’s a good chance your insurance premiums will go down too. There really isn’t any excuse for hiring an amateur to do a professional’s job! Especially when it comes to electrical systems.

Light Up Your Life

So whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your current one, or just trying to shake things up, our lighting installation experts are there to help. Everyone on our team is a certified, insured, and bonded electrician. Their care and expertise have helped create a name for A And I Electric in Providence and beyond. Contact us today!