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Electrician in Pawtucket

If you find yourself looking for an electrician in the Pawtucket area, look no further. For years, A And I Electric has provided countless homes and businesses with certified and value-driven electrical services—and for a great rate, too.

Whether you’re looking to retrofit your home or rewire your home in the wake of an intensive remodeling project, you can count on us. Let us be the ones who keep your electrical systems in perfect working order. With us, you’ll see reduced energy costs, fewer hazards, and more.

Give yourself the assurance you need to go about your days in peace. Request the services of our electrical contractors by calling (401) 741-7500 today.

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Everybody’s First Choice for Electrical Services

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the most celebrated electrical contractors in our community. We’ve earned the trust and support of our clients through providing electrical services in a competent fashion—but that’s not all we offer.

Save Money with Our Services

Whether we’re installing your new ceiling fan, setting up your standby generator, or rewiring your home, you’re bound to save money when you work with us—and not in the way you think. While we certainly offer our services at a manageable rate, the quality of our services will also save you money in the long-run. When you work with us, we’ll give you electrical wiring and appliance installations that stand the test of time. In the future, you’ll see fewer electrical issues and fewer reasons to call an emergency electrician.

Save Time with Us

You don’t just save money by calling our offices. With us, you also save yourself time.

In this day and age, time is just as valuable and the almighty dollar. Few contractors understand that fact quite like us. We pledge to arrive at your premises at the agreed-upon time and carry out our duties in a swift and orderly fashion.

With quality services and fast turnarounds, how could you go wrong? Home and business owners in Pawtucket turn to A And I Electric as their full-service electrical contractor because of our company's singular focus: to provide you with top-quality electrical workmanship at bottom-line costs.

Have an inquiry? We'd love to hear from you. Request your free quote today by giving us a call at (401) 741-7500.

Fulfilling All Your Electrical Needs

When we opened our doors to the public, we had one mission. We wanted to be the sole provider of electrical services to all our clients. Over the years, that is the sort of electrical company we’ve become.

New Construction Electrical

You need more than four walls and a roof to have a happy, comfortable household. Most importantly, you need a well-working electrical system. Every room needs to be wired according to the latest building codes and regulations. Every wall needs a receptacle outlet, and contractors need to be mindful of exposed wires.

Rest assured, our electrical contractors are more than familiar with new construction electrical services. We’re capable of wiring entire homes according to the standards of the day. With us, you’ll get nothing but the most efficient and tidy electrical work possible.

Appliance Installation

Some appliances are ready for use the moment you take them out of the box. Others, meanwhile, require extensive electrical wiring before they can be used safely. Rely on the appliance installation services of our electricians. We’ll make sure your refrigerators and ovens are wired properly, ensuring peak efficiency.

Full-service Electrical Company

There's no electrical problem that our electrical team can't solve. We're a highly experienced crew of licensed and insured electrical contractors who partner with a diverse range of residential and commercial clients.

The breadth of our work is far-reaching. Be it installation, repair, upgrades, or inspections that you need, you can count on us to deliver.

Consult With an Electrician Obligation-Free

Request A Cost Estimate Today

We have no qualms about offering upfront cost estimates on all our work because we're confident we're the best-value electrician in town. Get in touch with us, and we'll dispatch a certified contractor to your location, where we'll discuss your service needs in-person. We'll visually assess the scope of the job and break down the task's requirements step by step. Once we know what we're facing, we can then quote you the cost of the work.

We'll compile a transparent and clear written cost estimate for your consideration. You'll be able to see all material and labor charges involved. What you won't be able to find are hidden fees—because we don't have those.

Top-Quality Electrical Installations

If you have recently purchased a new electrical appliance you are probably itching to get it set up. Although you may be tempted to get out your tool kit and hook it up yourself, not so fast! If you are hoping to enjoy your new appliances for years into the future, you need to make sure they are set up correctly, and only a licensed electrician like A And I Electric can ensure this.

Our experts are happy to provide clients with appliances and full electrical system installations that are fast, reliable, and affordable. Don't waste your time and money tinkering with dangerous electrical devices just to have them fail you. Trust our team for all your installation needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Stove and oven installation
  • Fridge installation
  • Water heater installation
  • Electrical heater installation
  • Air conditioners
  • Hot tub and sauna installation
  • Lighting
  • Solar panels
  • Standby generators
  • And so much more!

Electrical Excellence

As a company, we place great emphasis on accident prevention and safe working habits. We guarantee that our workmanship complies with all local and state electrical codes. Plus, you can count on our crew to employ safety-related work practices that surpass industry standards. When our job is done, your electrical system will be up-to-code and built to last for the long-haul.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our clients and their properties. Those aren't just words—we prove it with protocols in practice. To learn more about our company credentials and security measures, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

A And I Electric: Your One-Stop-Shop for Electrical Repairs

Home and business owners rely on electrical appliances today, more than ever before. With constant use, day in, day out, you are bound to face malfunction and burn outs from time to time.

Although issues with your electrical appliances are not uncommon, it is essential to have them addressed as quickly as possible, and our contractors are more than happy to be of service.

You may need to call for electrical repairs if you experience the following:

  • Flickering lights
  • A blown fuse
  • A power outage
  • A burning smell coming from an outlet or switch
  • If your breaker continues to trip
  • If any switches, outlets, or power points are warm to touch
  • If you experience electrocution

All electrical problems can be dangerous and put the safety of you, your loved ones, or your business at risk, so don't wait for problems to escalate. Call us for help!

Energy-Efficient Electrical

We consider it a great privilege to contribute to the sustainability of our local community through energy-efficient designs and product selections. We love to help our clients save money on power usage with new appliances, fixtures, and systems.

Reduce energy consumption. Reduce costs. Ask our electricians how we can improve your building's energy-efficiency today.

Trust an Expert Electrician

While there are many electrical companies on the market today, not all of them are created equal. Some businesses will boast credentials and experience, and some will overcharge for electrical servicing that is just mediocre. However, our team works to challenge these notions.

As a rule, we only hire electricians that are fully licensed and completely certified. Our staff has years of experience working in the industry, and we deliver our services with the utmost integrity.

When you hire our electrical experts, we will help to ensure the consistent quality of your electrical and the safety of our crew. It's a win-win.

Our Guarantee On Your Electrical Service

We could talk all day about how our services are first-rate—instead, we'd rather show you. The quality of your customer experience with our company means everything to us. To ensure it's top-notch, we pledge to:

  • Respond to your inquires promptly
  • Consult with you on-site, obligation-free
  • Provide you with a written cost estimate
  • Offer you flexible scheduling options
  • Perform compliant work in fast turnaround times

Invest in Electrical Maintenance

The electrical systems in your property are only going to last if you take care of them properly. Luckily, most electrical systems don't require much maintenance. An annual inspection should do the trick. Our experts are happy to offer quick yet thorough inspections of your electrical breakers, wiring, and various appliances.

Another critical factor in maintaining your electrical is having issues investigated by a professional as soon as they occur. Our experts can detect and diagnose underlying issues before they evolve into more pressing matters.

Book Your Electrical Service Today

At A And I Electric, Pawtucket residents find electrical solutions to their electrical problems. Our company offers competitive rates, unrivaled experience, and a superior level of customer service that will have you coming back for all your electrical needs.

Give our office a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.